Christians from various different countries pack the hall while attending the Pastors's Wives and Women's Network International Conference held at the Best Western TLC Hotel in Waltham Mass from Friday, March 15 to Sunday, March 16 , 2008.H.Maina/Ajabu

By AjabuAfrica Team

Waltham, MA
March 24, 2008

Pics by H.Maina/AjabuImages

In Waltham, Massachusetts, a weekend-long Women Network conference has just concluded on a high note with a plea to women to consider themselves vessels of honor.

This event marked the eighth annual conference. It attracted church ministers, wives of pastors and New England Africans from East Africa and the Great Lakes region.

Among the preachers who flew into the country specifically for the event was guest speaker, Pastor Mrs. Kayanja from Uganda and Pastor Christine Balabyekkubo, a Ugandan living in Canada.

The women’s conference is a brainchild of Mama Robina Katende. It has grown by leaps and bounds over the years to become an event to look forward to, especially for Ugandans living in Waltham and neighboring cities.

“I was hesitant when my wife told me she wants to start a ministry to empower women. I thought it would not work”, Said Rev. John B. Katende, husband to the host, Mama Robina Katende, as she is fondly known in the Ugandan Community. “But now see what it has grown to be”, added Rev. JBK, as he thanked several hundred worshippers on Sunday night at the Best Western TLC Hotel, in Waltham, Massachusetts.

The conference kicked off last Friday night with prayers and worship songs. On Saturday morning after a heavy American breakfast, children’s games and fun activities set the mood for an exciting day. The women’s workshop took place in the evening after a sumptuous lunch.

Each day ended with a sermon from the guest speaker, Pastor Jessica Kayanja, from Kampala, Uganda. She was a fiery preacher and did not mince her words when she asked women to uphold their dignity every single day of their lives because they were the pillars of their families. “You have to shoot for excellence as a woman and be a good vessel of honor”, Pastor Kayanja implored.

Pastor Chistine Balabyekkubo, advices event attendees on good familly relationships

Pastor Jessica Kayanja (right) , wife of a popular Ugandan Televangelist, prays for a conference attendee

Pastor Christine Balabyekkubo lambasted women who agreed to cohabit in unmarried relationships and those who claim that they cannot survive on their own.
”You cannot be a vessel of honor if you are living in an unwed relationship. It will always bring you pain,” said Pastor Christine, a mother of eight still passionate and bursting with energy.

Using herself as an example, Pastor Christine vividly described the problems she experienced when she got involved in uncommitted and ungodly relationships at an early age, as most people in America do these days. “We were heathens when we started living together with my husband. Before I even knew it, we had three babies”, Pastor Christine said, causing ripples of loud laughter in the packed hall. “Things got so bad we had to separate for a whole year. He went his way and I went my way - until we were able to come to God and did a church wedding”, she said. “If I could do it and still took care of all those kids by myself, do not tell me you cannot”, Christine challenged the ladies in the house.

Christine also cautioned men on hooking up carelessly with any women out there. She advised that the only reliable yardstick to know who is a noble wife is found in the good old Book. “You always see some men walking with their shoulders down and limping. You ask them why, and they say it is because of the woman in their house”, Pastor Christine said. “If you get hooked up with a woman who does not fit the description found in Proverbs 31: 10- 15 , run. Or you will be in trouble throughout your life!” Christine advised further.

A Praise and Worship team leading the praising session during the 2008 PWWNI conference in Waltham MA

The event Host, Mama Robina Katende with her Husband, Rev. John B. Katende during the opening night of the conference

The host of the event, Mama Katende, said she foresees a day when they will be holding the conference in different cities of the world. “Very soon we shall bring this event to Canada, then to the United Kingdom and to many other places in order to empower women as much as we can”, she said. She also thanked her husband, Rev John Katende of the Global Evangelical Church, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, for his continued support. “Without John, we would have had a hard time making this event successful”, she concluded.

The well-coordinated event was hailed by as a must attend event in the future for both men and women from East Africa with a desire to improve the quality of their relationships.


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