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Pornographic Videos by Kenyans on the rise
By Harry Ndeta,
Nairobi, Kenya

Pornography has taken root in Kenya to alarming levels. Dealers in this industry hitherto unimaginable in the African setting have started coming forth to confess their indulgence and say that there is a ready market and many willing to participate in the production process.

In an interview with one of the blue movie producers in Kenya, the producer, (name withheld) admits that many people including professionals are willing and eager to take part in making porn movies. Most of the participants are the youth though people in good careers including banking, media and modeling were mentioned as savvy actors in Kenya.

Desperate unemployed girls are also eager to be engaged at a fee. “We pay them Sh.750 for a video recording of around 8-10 minutes.” says the self confessed porn producer. In these difficult economic times, many Kenyans are hard pressed to earn a living and many are finding themselves in immoral acts against their conscience. But one wonders why a person would recruit the young people to participate in the blue movies.

The youth seem to be the vulnerable groups because most of them are unemployed and are out to do anything to earn a living. Most of them are graduates and since they are not absorbed in the job market, they end up doing petty jobs to earn a living.

What is appalling is the revelation that blue movies have ready markets in Kenya. This is a factor that encourages them to indulge in the movies because there is surety of cash and enough of it in return. Unemployment in the country has forced the youth to drop their dignity and take up any job opportunity coming up.

Ken Saro Wiwa, one of the great African Literature writers of our time says in “Africa Kills her Sun” of a woman who when asked why she chose to be a prostitute, says that she did so because some girls chose to be secretaries, some nurses, some Air-hostesses and many other professions. This points to the absurdity in Kenya’s unemployment dilemma as youth chose to act in the blue movies not because they like it but because circumstances have forced them to.

It is evident from research and selective confessions that many in Kenya are joining the porn industry due to unemployment and economic hardships. A few though have taken to it as self gratification leisure of sorts and that is how some in other steady professions have been named among the actors in these movies.

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